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04 Jan 2024


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Cape Town has long been a favoured destination for TV and film shoots, and the city is also gaining a reputation as a prime location for commercial filming.

International teams coming to South Africa can expect a favourable exchange rate, granting them access to high production values at very competitive costs. But this isn’t the only advantage to producing commercials in the Mother City.

Why Film a TV Commercial in Cape Town?

What makes Cape Town the perfect place to bring your concept to life? The city is a hotspot for creative resources, skills and locations making it a haven for commercial directors worldwide.

Locations: From a choice of beautiful natural and architectural backdrops, to state-of-the-art studios, Cape Town has got it all. View more Cape Town filming locations

Variety: Cape Town has approximately 5 000 identified filming locations in public spaces, plus a huge variety of privately-owned sites available for commercial production.

Talent: Cape Town is home to an incredibly diverse talent pool. 

Support: The city has a bustling local industry with highly experienced crew, technicians and producers available to work with you. 

Infrastructure: Getting from one Cape Town location to the next is quick and easy, and broadband connectivity is good.

Reputation: Cape Town is home to a variety of well-established companies known for producing award-winning commercials for world-leading brands.

Location compatibility: Cape Town and the Western Cape have a diverse landscape, giving producers the option to replicate all sorts of international locations, while filming at a lower cost than these destinations. 

Time zone: South Africa’s time zone and easy travel from Europe make it an especially appealing location for producers coming from the UK and throughout the EU. 

Daylight hours: Long hours of daylight in the summer months (from as early as 5:30 to as late as 20:00) allow for better shooting conditions for longer durations of time.

A World-Class Commercial Location

Cape Town is a prominent media and digital technology hub in South Africa. Filming in the city opens doors to all sorts of creative collaborations with a variety of skilled creative professionals.

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